Commercial Speaker Environments

Enhance the ambiance of your business enterprise with Sonacom, the custom speaker system exclusively designed to deliver quality audio performance to commercial and industrial spaces. This unique speaker package is perfect for your background music system and is guaranteed to improve the general working environment for your patrons and employees alike. Restaurants, retail stores, banks, and corporate offices are just a few of the many commercial applications that benefit by the Sonacom system. Consult a Sonawall representative with your business requirements today. The Sonawall™ sleek design easily mounted modular sound elements brings a unique blend of European and American design sensibilities. To see how well Sonawall systems smoothly blend into a room, click on the images below to view our systems in commercial and public interiors.

Hotel Lobby and Meeting Room Bar Gym Sushi Bar Reading Room
Lobby and Cafeteria  HomeOfiice Pro Shop Spa Tandoori Pub Family Room
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