Residential Speaker Environments

For years Sonawall European engineering team has been working on fine tuning the very unique, elegant in design and easy to install Sonawall audiophile grade home environment speaker line. The goal was to bring to market a New Dimension in Sound, audiophile sound... that fits ANY room, blending beautifully with any decor.

The most discriminating audience, without complex installation, can build the best easy to use sound system ever. The Sonawall™ sleek design easily mounted modular sound elements brings a unique blend of European and American design sensibilities. For an off-the-wall sound experience Sonawall™ utilizes the natural geometry of your walls and ceilings to magnify performance and create a virtual wall of sound.

To see how well Sonawall systems smoothly blend into a room, click on the images below to view our systems in residential interiors.


Bedroom Entertainment Center Bed Room Kitchen corner Family RoomLiving Room
Living Room  HomeOfiice Stairwell Stairwell Classic Living Room SonaFlat
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