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SonaWall Classic Speakers:

The two SonaWall Classic Speakers are the original sPod for wall mounting and the sPod Plus, best suitable for mounting on the stand, SonaSentinel. The SonaPlus pod version offers extra wide dispersion and therefore a wider bandwidth of radiated sound power. This means extra air and space are added to an already huge virtual image.

The wall speakers use the wall by coupling to it and creating a larger virtual sound source. The sound is also clearer because delayed interference through room reflections are minimized by engaging the wall initially.

Wires can be managed for an instant installation by using a SonaSentinel wall stand. Only a delicate virtual line which manages the wire and supports the speaker is seen. This fine tube stand is optional with any wall speaker model. The speaker itself is further secured to the wall with an instant non-marring removable adhesive pad. The result is a system that can install in minutes.

SonaWall bar speakers satisfy those who have no available wall and need something really compact to place conventionally. The spacious aspect is still obtained through the use of ambience tweeters.

Classic satellite speaker models:

  • sPod the original micro miniature satellite wall speaker >>
  • sPod Plus the same tiny package as sPod but with extra ambience creating tweeters

    The system has 2 optional tweeter designs, the 2" classic sPod, and now also the new Pod/SM, a 2” Hybrid wide range mid-tweeter satellite pod with a slid-on mounting bracket design.



    Both mid-tweeter models come in standard black, but are also available in several colors for an additional cost.

    Call for custom color special order: 1877-568-3238

Wall stands:

  • SonaSentinel wall stands enable quick easy installation of SRT technology
  • Available in two sizes for the sPod series and the SonaPrism

In addition, Sonawall also offers these Satellite Speaker Options >>

- Fits in the palm of your hand, barely visible on the walls.

sPod Plus

on SonaSentinel


  • sPod: 3.5 x 5”H x4"D
  • sPod Plus

  • SonaSentinel, without pod 65” H, with pod 68” H