Sona Wall sPod Plus

sPiod Plus on Sona Sentinel Stand


Tiny and light, mount the sPod Plus satellite speakers on the SonaSentinel stands, easily adjustable for perfect sound projection.

Sona Spatial Technology introduces the listener to the sPodPlus and SonaPrism modules to virtually “sPand” the listening experience.

Power response is enhanced by adding delicate high frequency details to surround the center image which is also angled to loft the center image thereby producing a gigantic crown of sonic space. Total high frequency power is raised.

These enhanced compact super systems installs instantly on the wall or on Sona Wall minimalistic stands which integrate the wiring invisibly. Enjoy the enlarged raised Sona Space created with these easily set up stand mounted satellites.

Closer spacing of the satellites is also enabled to add to the central image while still expanding the listening space to the sides even enveloping the room in the process. These merits are added to all the existing features in the remote controlled selection system provided in the subwoofer.

sPodPlus dimensions: 2.5” x 2.5” x 3”. Available in black and white color.















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