Sona Prism

Sona Spatial technology introduces the listener to the Sona Prism module to dynamically engage the listener. High frequency power response is greatly extended by adding delicate high frequency details with dual staggered tweeters to envelope the center image. The main drivers are angled in to produce a center image coupled to the wall. The combination creates an enhanced alternate spatial sonic reality.  A dynamic full bodied expanse of sound exceeds all expectations.

This enhanced compact super system installs instantly on SonaWall minimalistic stands which integrate the wiring invisibly. Enjoy the enlarged raised Sona Space created with these easily set up stand mounted satellites. Highly variable spacing of the satellites is allowed to create any desired central image while still expanding the listening space to the sides even enveloping the room in the process. These merits are added to all the existing features in the remote controlled selection system provided in thesubwoofer.

With the Sonawall SRT Sound Reflection Technology the system will create a “Wall of Sound” in any Room. You will be amazed at how this system will provide the most realistic, accurate, lifelike sound you have ever heard. Your whole family will enjoy perfect center stereo imaging no matterwhere anyone sits in the room.

Price: $799.99












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