Sona Wedge  &  Sona Wedge Plus

SonaWedge on SonaSentinel against Wall

This small dense handsome 45/45/90 degree construction module only a few inches thick is designed for a diverse range of applications. Ideally suited to be positioned at the junction of two walls it can also be organized singly or in pairs above or below a video screen or flanking a display as a computer speaker. It is virtually the cornerstone in a potentially diverse array of installations.

SonaWedge is fully compatible with the SonaWall electronics system SonaStudio MultiLink 2.1.
SonaStudio MultiLink 2.1 is the audiophile sound enhancement which integrates various components of your home entertainment electronics. Everything that you need is included in One Convenient Package. A three-channel subwoofer/satellite amplifier is built in so you do not need a receiver or any other amplifier. Connect SonaWedge in pairs in front of a monitor or at the extreme edges of the wall.

A remote control comes with the systems and selects various inputs, controls level, mute and power. Crossover frequency and levels are fine-tunable on the MultiLink 2.1. This audiophile sound system engineered for all your home electronics is very versatile, but simple to set up and operate.

Alternatively the SonaWedge can be incorporated into a 5.1 system conventionally. SonaWedge Plus will surface mount into positions that use the backfiring tweeter to enhance a sense of space.

Free standing mounting as with a computer speaker can also utilize the space enhancing feature in the Plus version. SonaWedge and SonaWedge Plus can be combined to produce the ideal full featured tight installation. A superb artistically pleasing spatially enhancing surround system can be created that completes any home electronics system.

This enhanced compact super system also installs instantly on compatible SonaSentinel minimalistic wall stands which integrate the wiring invisibly.

SonaBar under TV

SonaBar under TV
























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