Sona Wall introduces
the smart little Spodak

Enjoy a superior SonaWall sound experience
by upgrading your existing Home Theater set up

The easily added Sonawall sPodak sound field home theater enhancement system upgrades your existing front speaker system. The sPodak UW-200 sound field enhancement kit ships with an interface controller to integrate with your existing home theater speaker system and assure an optimum blend. The Sonawall Spodak UW-200 system raises the sound stage up where the action is on your TV.

Attempting to reproduce the original sound field, most traditional speaker designs draw attention to themselves. Becoming the sound source instead of releasing the sound, they fail to expand the sound into the architectural acoustic space. Stereo and surround imaging falls off rapidly in listening positions significantly off-center.

With the Sonawall SRT Sound Reflection Technology the Sonapod satellites couples full-range sound to the room with amazing fullness and authority. Center stage images focused where the action is - right on your TV screen.

No more need to sit in the sweet spot for perfect stereo image - and for an incredible price!

turqouise box Diminuitive s-Pods
don't clutter your room

turqouise box
Place on TV or wall

turqouise box
The smart sPodak

  • 1 pair Sonapod sound field enhancement speaker system
  • 1 e/a sound field integrator unit

Dimensions sPod: sPod: 2.5" x 2.5" x 3"


The system has 2 optional tweeter designs, the 2" classic sPod, and now also the new Pod/SM, a 2” Hybrid wide range mid-tweeter satellite pod with a slid-on mounting bracket design.



Both mid-tweeter models come in standard black, but are also available in several colors for an additional cost.

Call for custom color special order: 1877-568-3238

SonaWall sPodak UpGrade Speaker Kit
Technical specs:

The So-na-wall Sonapod satellite speaker system operates on a principle that virtually eliminates comb filtering caused by sound arriving via reflections from nearby surfaces and sound arriving directly. The Sonapod sPod tiny enclosure and intimate mounting couples sound to the wall surface. Like microphones that are oriented near a surface, So-na-wall sPods has a smooth frequency response, good off axis consistency and strong output levels. This means So-na-wall sPods creates an integrated sound field.

Most designs which attempt to become the source of sound draw attention to themselves rather than becoming part of the room. Reflections are delayed sufficiently to diffuse the image. The perfectly centered listener can enjoy this sound but for more listeners or listening positions the performance falls off rapidly "off-axis" of the stereo pair.

So-na-wall sPods increases the space in which high quality sound is enjoyable. The Sonapod sPodak kit can easily be added as an upgrade to your existing front Left and Right home heater speaker system. (Install the sPodak kit your self in less than 10 minutes).

The sPodak upgrade kit ship with a level blending high-pass filter to assure an optimum level blend with your existing home theater speaker system. We advise starting with the Sonawall sPodak kit added to the primary front R and L position in a home theater or just to enjoy stereo. The sPodak kit can also be used as rear/ambience fill speakers. Considering the sound of the So-na-wall sPods we are confident in allowing our speakers to do the talking for us.