Sona Stage

Now with Multilink. Blends in beautifully with your interior decor. Switches smoothly between your audio device
with a simple touch on the remote control!

Designed to be the center of your home entertainment system, SonaStage also functions as the receiver for your home entertainment devices. Delivering audiophile performance to complement the finest flat-screen TVs, SonaStage creates a broad detailed front soundstage. Deep rich bass is reproduced while side-firing, high performance drivers generate an immersive engaging theater experience. All this from the remarkable one-piece SonaStage system.

Based on an ultra wide dispersion tweeter, the Sona Stage Soundbar is designed to produce a large wide image. Since the enclosure is approximately three feet wide the sound is naturally centrally located. In order to enlarge the image the Sona Stage soundbar combines the tweeter output constructively with the midrange driver adjacent to it to create a zone of coincidence between the sound of the drivers to spread the image beyond the sides of the bar into and even beyond room extents depending on the source material.

"Wall of Sound"
Sound Dispersion

Rear ivew
Side view




Cabinet Finish
SonaStage Off the Wall Sound Graph

Strong heavy domestically manufactured cabinetry houses drivers of exceptional quality bearing little
resemblance to mass-market products. The enclosure employs multi-chamber bass tuning for a deep and
audiophile quality low end. Internally powered and with a supplied remote control the system accepts an
optical input from the TV and four other inputs including Bluetooth. The internally mounted speakers form
a three-way system with a built-in subwoofer so one easy to connect cabinet does everything without any
special installation unless you desire it.

Connection could not be any easier. Connect one wire and you’re in business. The SonaStage comes with a simple remote control for volume control and source selection. Designed to blend with any TV design and home décor, what stands out about SonaStage is the superb performance – and the innovative design ethic that combines front speakers, side speaker, subwoofer, amplification and source management in one elegant unit.

Make the focus of your entertainment system its quality - not its number of boxes - with SonaStage.

Multilink devices

Here is what you can connect to the SonaStage

  • Optical connection for your Television
  • Coax Digital connections for your Television
  • Wireless Bluetooth so you can play the music from your Computer, Smartphone, IPAD etc. 
  • Connect your CD player, or audio from your DVD player
  • Connect your Computer, Laptop, IPAD, or IPOD and enjoy the music

Select any of the sources above or control the volume from the Remote Control. Even charge your portable phones, laptops, etc., with the included USB charging device that is built into the SonaStage.

No other system in the market allows you to connect ALL of your electronic devices to one convenient speaker location and enjoy the most amazing, life-like, and accurate sound quality that you have ever heard, all from two small speakers that you can "hold in the palm of your hand!" 


  • All in one-piece SonaStage system
  • Built-in 3 channel active amplifier w/optimized subwoofer
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • 1 e/a Remote control
  • 1 e/a Remote control receiver
  • SonaStage All-In-One unit dimensions: 39” X 7” X 9” 

    SonaStage system Technical Specs:
    • Efficient Class D Technology
    • 150 watt 2.1 amp/subwoofer unit
    • Binding posts for optional satellite speakers
    • Frequency response: 30Hz-22,000Hz
    • Subwoofer: 7” long excursion subwoofer
    • Ported subwoofer cabinet
    • Satellite level control
    • Subwoofer level control
    • Bass boost control (On/Off)
    • Variable subwoofer crossover
    • Switch +3dB bass boost
    • Independent high frequency and low frequency amplifiers
    • Automatic on when signal is present and standby when no signal is present.
    • 5 Input connection: RCA & 3.5mm line level, Optic, Coaxial, Bluetooth.
    • Thermal, overload and fuse protection
    • LED power status indicator
    • IEC power input connector
    • Amp on/off switch