Sona Tower 2.1

Now with Multilink. Blends in beautifully in your interior decor, switches smoothly between your audio device
with a simple touch on the remote control!

Sona Tower MultiLink 2.1 sound system offers audiophile grade sound for ALL your home entertainment electronics. Everything you need is included. A three-channel subwoofer/satellite amplifier is built in so you do not need a receiver or any other amplifier. Just hook up ALL your favorite electronics and enjoy an amazing, life-like "Wall of Sound".

The tapered tower designed 10” subwoofer amplifier unit and the sPod full range satellite speakers can be placed in a variety of convenient places in your home and includes a remote control for volume and source selection. This audiophile speaker system engineered for all your home electronics is very versatile, but simple to set up and operate.

With the Sonawall SRT Sound Reflection Technology the system will create an incredible wide sound stage. No more need to sit in the sweet spot for perfect stereo image. Your whole family will enjoy perfect center stereo imaging no matter where anyone sits in the room.

The system blends into your decor. The sound quality is of superior audiophile grade. It has great bass, accurate vocals, and unmatched clarity with room filling spaciousness.

Easily blends with your decor

s-Pods don't clutter your room

Multilink lets you switch easily between
your audio devices




Multilink devices

Here is what you can connect to the SonaTower MultiLink 2.1 watt amplifier in the back of the subwoofer:

  • Optical connection for your Television
  • Coax Digital connections for your Television
  • Wireless Bluetooth so you can play the songs from your Computer, Smartphone, IPAD etc. 
  • Connect your CD player, or audio from your DVD player
  • Connect your Computer, Laptop, IPAD, or IPOD and enjoy the music
  • sPod left/right firing satellite speakers

Select any of these sources above or control the volume from the Remote Control Even charge your portable phones, laptops, etc. with the included USB charging device that is built into the SonaTower MutiLink 2.1 Speaker System.

No other system in the market allows you to connect ALL of your electronic devices to one convenient speaker location and enjoy the most amazing, life-like, accurate sound quality,  you have ever heard from two small speakers that you can "hold in the palm of your hand!" 

The system has 2 optional tweeter designs, the 2" classic sPod, and now also the new Pod/SM, a 2” Hybrid wide range mid-tweeter satellite pod with a slid-on mounting bracket design.



Both mid-tweeter models come in standard black, but are also available in several colors for an additional cost.

Call for custom color special order: 1877-568-3238

  • 1 pr sPod satellite speakers. See choices above
  • 1 e/a 2.1 channel active amplifier built in a Tower designed optimized 10” subwoofer cabinet and built-in Bluetooth.
  • 1 e/a remote control
  • 1 e/a remote control receiver
  • sPlus: 2.5" x 2.5" x 3"
  • Subwoofer/amp unit: 26” H x 13” Base x 7” top
  • Cabinet integrated feet

  • SonaTower 2.1 system Technical specs:
    • Efficient Class D Technology
    • 150 Watt 2.1 amp/subwoofer unit.
    • Wireless Bluetooth
    • Satellite speaker binding posts
    • Satellite speaker pods
    • Frequency response: 20Hz-20.000Hz.
    • Subwoofer: 10” long excursion subwoofer
    • Subwoofer firing down ward
    • 4 corner ported subwoofer cabinet
    • Cabinet integrated feet design 
    • Satellite level control
    • Subwoofer level control
    • Bass boost control (On/Off)
    • Variable subwoofer crossover
    • Switch +3dB bass boost
    • Independent high frequency and low frequency amplifiers
    • Automatic on when signal is present and standby when no signal is present.
    • 5 Input connection: RCA & 3.5mm line level, Optic, Coaxial, Bluetooth.
    • Thermal, overload and fuse protection
    • LED power status indicator
    • IEC power input connector
    • Amp on/off switch